Testimonials & Reviews

I was traveling and working out of the state for most of the time the house was being sold. Damon and his team handled so many things for me. It was my first home and I loved it. Damon cared about making this an easy, stress free process. I can not say enough nice things about how great Damon is. I will tell anyone who needs a realtor to call him.


If you are looking for a phenomenal real-estate agent look no further than Damon Chavez. One of Damon’s most valuable assets is he has the heart of a teacher. Damon is extremely knowledgeable, personable, patient, professional, and willing to explain the complexities of buying or selling property that will enable a smooth transition for one of the more stressful & exciting life decisions. If you are looking to change your address, I would highly recommend that you work with one of the best agents in the Denver Metro area with Damon Chavez.

John J Neswadi

Damon, I am ashamed that so much time has passed without me sending this note to you. Life gets busy, and although that is no excuse - it just does.

We are so pleased with our "new" home. We have done all the redecorating we had planned and finally feel settled. You are the one who told us early in our house hunting that sometimes you just have to look past the obvious and try to imagine what the place would look like as our home. We did that - and it's lovely.

I will begin by telling you that we were somewhat reluctant to use you. You were referred to us by a family friend. Everyone has a "realtor friend" and everyone wanted us to use theirs. We went with our gut and chose you - and we have never looked back. From the moment we signed the contract with you, we felt well-cared for. The regular updates you sent were invaluable and it seemed as though you were catering just to us - although I know for a fact you had several other clients just like us looking for their perfect home.

You are very good at what you do. Richard and I cannot thank you enough for all you did to help make our dreams come true. Now I just need to be true to my word and find the time to have you over for that glass of wine. Thank you, again, Damon. We are very appreciative.

Jan and Richard Davidson

Damon, I wanted to thank you once again for everything you have done to help us. Unlike some agents, you didn’t disappear after we went to closing and you collected your commission. You were there after that to help facilitate communication with the sellers to get all our questions answered.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your standing behind your pledge of being a strong advocate for your clients. It is obvious to me that you value customer satisfaction even more than maximizing your personal earnings. That is a rare thing these days. Don't ever lose that!!

Mike Jacob

My husband and I relocated from TX to CO and worked with Damon Chavez to find our new home in CO. My husband and I were immediately struck by how much Damon knew about all of the areas we were interested in investigating. Clearly Damon knows a ton about the different burbs surrounding Denver and which areas are great for families. Damon also did something more realtors really need to do: he listened to what we were looking for. I mean really listened. The result: each listing Damon showed us was closer and closer to perfect, until we found the exact right home for us. Damon's patience is truly admirable but more importantly, his expertise at looking at homes from a buyer's perspective is invaluable. He sees so much and is great at pointing out aspects of the potential purchase (structure, maintenance, location) that truly inform his clients' decisions. In sum: I can't recommend Damon highly enough. Hiring him as your realtor is like having a real estate expert in your family, someone you can truly trust to be on your side. Damon is the best realtor we've dealt with who wasn't actually family. This is a very high compliment as my husband is a retired Marine and we have purchased and sold many homes in the past 12 years. We love our new house here in Highlands Ranch but if over time we are ever looking to buy and/or sell again, we will definitely use Damon and his team; they are the very best.

Patrick & Moni G

I've dealt with a handful of agents throughout the years and found Damon to be by far the best. Two things that are most important to me really set him apart in my experience. Firstly, I felt he provided me with far more and better research related to each property that we looked at especially with respect to comparable properties in a given area. Second, I always felt that he was truly concerned with what was best for me and my needs as opposed to simply trying to get another sale complete with as little work as possible. I also found him to work hard and efficiently once we found a place and went under contract. I would strongly recommend Damon for someone in the market for buying/selling a home.


Mike T

I have worked with Damon Chavez on many real estate dealings over the last 10 years and have always found him to be very knowledgeable and professional on every aspect of the assignment at hand. From getting contractors scheduled to bringing snacks for his clients, he always seems to think ahead on what is needed for transactions to proceed with smooth professionalism.

Anytime I am contacted by Damon to work with his clients I know it will be a pleasurable experience. The properties we examine together may have many obstacles to overcome and personal differences to accommodate with varied clients. Damon accepts these challenges with a smile and goes that extra mile to give his clients the best service possible.

My hopes for the future include working with Damon on many more homes together and watching his clients achieve their dreams in a sometimes hectic business. I will continue to recommend Damon Chavez to any persons I know who need a hard working and honest Realtor to help them out.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ken I

Ken I

We were introduced to Damon through a recommendation of a work colleague/friend, whom we know only has the highest standards when it comes to business professionals. They were impressed with how analytical Damon approached the marketing and pricing of their home due to his appraisal background. From our first meeting with Damon, we could see we were working with a true expert in his field, not somebody who just became a realtor because the market was hot. His analysis of our home, the market, and our local competitors was spot on. When we sat down for his marketing presentation, you could easily follow his logical and data-based discussion of how to price the home for quick movement, and making sure he had the facts so the appraisal would come in without a hitch. He was spot on because the first couple who saw our house made an offer! I know that is not the norm, but I feel confident that Damon can sell in a hot or cold market based on his skills. I have had relationships with about 4 realtors in the past and never felt I got my value for what I paid- Damon is the first one to every over-deliver and give the rest of the real estate professionals a good name. He was always attentive to our every need with his great assistant Christine, and we always felt we were in capable hands. He also recommended a realtor in the state where we were moving to. I was skeptical of the recommendation at first, but she helped us as much as he did and we are getting a home of our dreams here!

James Galluccio

I met Damon in July of last year. I was very impressed with not only how personable he was, but how professional. He helped me with my purchase and it felt seamless. I will use Damon in the future for all my sells and purchases. Thank you for your help Damon!

K Hucke

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Damon for his help in purchasing what we hope to be our final home. Damon's knowledge of the Denver real estate market far surpassed any experience we have had when we've purchased or sold a home in the past. He gave us information that allowed us to make a decision that we feel got us an exceptional deal.

Damon's knowledge is just a small part of what makes him an excellent agent. He showed great patience with us when we changed direction in our home search on several occasions. He knows when to listen to his clients and when to give input so that you have all the facts. You can tell he genuinely loves what he does and cares that you are successful in your real estate transaction.

We would highly recommend Damon to any of our friends or family without hesitation as our home buying experience under his guidance was exceptional. We have never felt so at ease with any other realtor in this our fifth home purchase.

Mark & Renee M

Damon, thanks for all your help and you are my Realtor of choice

I had the pleasure of working with Damon on a previous Real Estate transaction, not only did Damon meet my expectations by providing excellent service but he also saved me money when making the purchase. When I first met Damon to discuss my Real Estate needs, he came fully prepared and was able to answer all my questions while providing information about the neighborhoods I was searching. I travel often with my company and for a Realtor to keep the meeting concise and to the point meant a lot to me. Anytime a friend or family member needs a Realtor, I only refer Damon because I know they will be in good hands.

Jeff C

I highly recommend Damon Chavez as a realtor. I first met Damon when I requested info on a property he had on the Internet. I was searching from California for a property in Colorado. He responded quickly. The property was a foreclosure with a bid date days away. After our initial discussion, in a very short, time he completed a very thorough and comprehensive market analysis as to what would be a suggested price. I was quite impressed at his speed and thoroughness. We chose Damon to be our realtor based on my first impression. It was the right decision. We had a short time to find a house. Damon took us to many houses and was great about adding more after I saw them on the Internet. After a whirlwind 4 days we found a home our last day in town and he was instrumental in negotiating with the sellers to get the contracts in place before we had to leave town. He was aware of all our deadlines and was instrumental in keeping our relocation company focused on meeting the quick deadlines. Because he is also an appraiser, he was instrumental in making sure we offered the correct sale price. He was involved through the whole process, calling our sellers agent the day before closing to get a final agreed repair finished before closing. He was always there for us. He is not an agent who disappears after the contract is signed! I had such a great experience with Damon that I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a realtor in Colorado.

Teri and Rick Beach

We don't have to explain much regarding the Colorado housing market, as it’s known at the moment as one of the hottest market in the United States. It was especially challenging for us because of our time frame being in the USA etc. (We had only been in the USA for 10 months). Working with the right team made all the difference.

Damon was referred to us from a work colleague of mine, and we will forever be grateful for the referral. Damon understood our situation and needs. To be able to provide not just a house, but a home for our family was definitely a top priority to us, but also to Damon. Damon was always willing to listen and do the necessary investigation into properties. His knowledge, experience and understanding the market is hard to find and this was most certainly the biggest assets to our experience. When "THE ONE" was found, he didn't hesitate to do whatever it took so that we were able to get into our NEW HOME!!

Words will never be enough to express our gratification for what Damon has done for us and we will surely recommend anyone to make use of his services. In the future, we will most definitely use Damon again for any investment property etc.

The Bailey Family

We met Damon Chavez about ten years ago when our business used the services of his companies. We found him to be extremely thorough and well organized. He was very knowledgeable and we called upon his expertise and advice often.

When we decided to sell our home in Highlands Ranch, Damon was the first person we thought of. He spent time with us reviewing the current market conditions, advising us of the best way to present our home and ultimately sold it within three weeks.

We then chose to rent for a short time while we looked for the right home for us. Damon gave us his input in finding a rental home in a market with an extremely limited number of homes available.

When we were ready to purchase, we again turned to Damon. The housing market had exploded, and inventory was short. We had to react very quickly to new listings. During this time, Damon was always available and prompt in scheduling appointments for us. Again, Damon did not disappoint. He helped us find the right home in the right neighborhood.

In spite of working extremely hard, Damon is always upbeat. Most important to us is his high level of ethics. We would recommend him without reservation.

Nick and Ginny Oddo
Littleton, CO

Nick and Ginny O

Damon is an agent unlike any other. His knowledge and experience outmatched anyone else I have come in contact with in the industry. His experience as an appraiser puts him light years above the other agents. Through his tenure in the industry, knowledge and kind heart he always goes the extra mile in everything that he does. He is 100% honest and will always give you options of how to proceed and suggestions, though ultimately Damon will ensure that he is there to help you achieve your goals. You will never feel that he is doing anything for him. At the end of the day everything is about what is best for his clients. His motto is "always know, I'm never to busy to help you, your family or friends!" It could not be more true. He is an unbelievable person and agent. I am happy to say that we have found our agent for life. I cannot imagine going through either the seller or purchasing side without him. No matter what questions we had he was there 100% to answer them, provide examples and even YouTube videos. There is no better agent. If you are looking for a real estate agent, go with Damon, you will not be disappointed!!!


I met Damon after firing my old realtor for not looking out for my needs. What a difference! He stepped into a crisis situation and was able to maneuver all the details of the purchase of my new home with tact and a lot of patience. The real estate market in Colorado is crazy right now and you really need an assertive, very knowledgeable, and experienced realtor, to be able to compete with other buyers and get what you need. That's what you'll get with Damon. It's easy to trust Damon; he is very kind and fair. Even after I moved into my new home, he offered to help me with some situations left by the seller.

Jeanette T

We highly recommend Damon Chavez. He is a great real estate broker - hard working, responsible, honest, kind and helpful. He goes the extra mile all the time to make the real estate process successful. Damon helped us sell our house in Denver. It was a challenging sale because the house was on a busy street. His team staged the house beautifully. He gave us critical advice on how to prepare the home for sale. There were so many details that he took care of. It's impossible to include them all. If you are seeking an excellent real estate broker, look no further. Damon is your man.

Mark M

Damon Chavez is the only Realtor I have ever met who truly goes above and beyond for his clients. He made my home buying and selling experience go smoothly from start to finish. Damon listened and responded promptly to all of my questions with the most upbeat, positive attitude! He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience that exceeded my expectations. Every piece of advice he gave me was spot-on, and he not only saved me time, but thousands of dollars in the process. I can't recommend Damon more highly and have every confidence he treats every client like his one and only. He is simply the BEST!


Responsive, knowledgeable, thorough, approachable. Thanks Damon, we love our home!

Damon Chavez helped us buy our house in Denver almost 6 years ago. Damon is a responsive, knowledgeable, thorough and approachable agent who worked tirelessly to find us the right property in a competitive market. He sent us listings as soon as they came available and was ready to view those properties at a moment’s notice. When touring a property he came armed with research in comparable housing and neighborhood data for the home, helping analyze the home, as well as the neighborhoods value and potential. He listened and understood what we were looking for in a home and made recommendations based on our goals and his experience. He also helped us with financing, allowing us to fully understand our purchase comfort level and make informed choices. Damon’s professionalism, expertise and attitude made our home buying experience informative and fun, even in a competitive market. Damon is an excellent partner to have and I recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Damon!
Melinda & Noah

Melinda & Noah

Moving from state to state is stressful. Managing this with children and a spouse with a full time job can feel near impossible. Though the stress of life was immense, Mr. Chavez handled us with extreme care. Being our 3rd home, my husband and I had our ideas of what we wanted in a forever home. Mr. Chavez was able to find us a home that exceeded our expectations. Though it took some time to find, he demonstrated an appreciated level of patience and understanding. We were not just a client to him, he treated us like family. Being able to create that type of relationship with your realtor brings an amazing level of trust into the situation. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Damon Chavez and highly recommend him as a realtor.


When we decided to move to Denver area, not knowing any realtors in the area, I chose a random listing from realtor.com and asked for more information. We were really lucky that Damon was the one who responded.

With Damon's help, we saw houses in person, navigated crazy Colorado housing market, and drove around in Damon's mobile command center while he explained various communities in and around Denver area. When we were unable to finalize the house we saw in person, he continued to show us houses via Facetime while we watched from safe distance in Canada until we were able make a choice and decide on our ideal home.

What Damon provided us was complete relocation assistance. We absolutely loved working with Damon thru the entire moving process. If you are moving to Denver, make sure you work with Damon. You will be glad you did.

Rajiv Dighe

Damon has vast experience in real estate transactions and real estate appraisals. He shares his knowledge in ways his clients understand. He used his knowledge to place our home on the market at the optimal time which brought us a quick and over asking price contract. We highly recommend Damon if you are considering buying and selling your home.


Damon Chavez is an excellent real estate agent

Damon Chavez is an excellent real estate agent with substantial skill in all matters of real estate transactions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is highly experienced and a consummate professional who represents his clients with utmost ability and integrity.

Dave M

I would not any other Realtor than Damon Chavez

Damon first helped me in selling a rental property for my parents. My father was dying of cancer, and as a result neither of my parents were in a position to be dealing with the process of selling a property. Damon made the process run so smoothly, and when a difficult decision needed to be made, he presented the information with a mix of compassion, and solid advice based on thorough research. The sale went very smoothly and the sales price was slightly higher than we had anticipated. Damon then helped my mom by a new house, and was very patient helping her find the perfect place to call home.

As if that wasn´t enough, Damon then helped me sell my home and buy a new one. My old house was an older home that had a lot of minor issues. Damon was very forthright in his assessment of the property´s strengths and weaknesses, and we managed to get a price higher than I thought possible. He worked with my wife and I in finding a home in a very specific area, at a very specific price point, and with a very specific set of requirements. We saw a lot of properties on this journey and we ended up getting a great house at a very good price. He is now working on another sale for my family!

I can honestly say I refer people to Damon every chance I get.

Every experience has been great. I would not use another realtor.

Chris and Jenny D

A unique Realtor in so many ways...thanks Damon!

As a personal client and a mortgage banker I have been involved in Damon’s transactions from all sides of the table. Damon has a unique skill set that other realtors are unable to duplicate. Due to Damon’s 15 plus years of appraising homes, he is in a category of his own when assessing home values, which is the most vital attribute for a real estate broker. Seasoned realtors call Damon when they have issues determining the value of a home. He is able to speak the appraiser’s language, adding instant credibility if he needs to discuss value with an appraiser. Damon also worked as a mortgage broker in the past, so he has worn the hat of the three most important parties in a real estate transaction appraiser, lender & realtor. Therefore, he understands the process to its fullest. His professionalism, negotiating skills, knowledge of the industry and ability to assess a home in any market sets him apart from the rest. Everyone knows a realtor, but few know one with the ability of Damon.

Ty M

To Whom It May Concern,

Damon Chavez was my real estate professional recently for the sale of a home and the purchase of a new one. I’m an experienced seller and buyer and can say without reservation: I highly recommend Damon Chavez if you are looking to buy or sell, or both.

When acting as my selling agent, Damon made good use of his appraisal background to build a solid, defendable sales price that was higher than other agents might have been able to do. His stager and photographer were excellent, and Damon also created a written summary of the home that was highly appealing. He is an accomplished negotiator and has a voice of reason that makes some potentially tough decisions pretty easy.

When acting as my buyer’s agent, Damon’s knowledge of the Denver area market, including builders and history, was highly advantageous. He saved me a lot of precious time that most agents wouldn’t have known to do, by applying his knowledge to my buying criteria, thus weeding out many properties that he corrected determined would not have been acceptable to me, even though the locations and the price looked good. And when we found the perfect property for me, Damon negotiated a final price that was under the asking price—quite a feat in this crazy-hot Denver sellers’ market.

Damon is very professional, and has a level-headed approach to the real estate business. He is one of the best listeners I know, and makes good use of that knowledge during the length of the business relationship. He is also responsive, hard-working, and caring. It’s obvious that he loves what he does and he does it very well. I hope you have the good fortune to work with him.

Warm regards,
Ann Kirkpatrick

Ann Kirkpatrick

Damon Chavez is the best! A company transfer brought me to the Denver area. I was referred to Damon by a colleague and he was a perfect match. We quickly connected and found the ideal home that met all of my needs and requirements. Damon was so knowledgeable of the area I was looking into. Being new to the area and knowing no one, Damon was a tremendous asset in connecting me to all the right resources, services, and suppliers to make the relocation as easy as possible. To this day, I still call upon Damon for referrals and his insight on matters. He is truly the ultimate professional who is all about helping people. I highly recommend Damon!

Wanda W

Damon was incredibly attentive for being in a business that requires he be pulled in multiple customers direction. He offered great advice on location and price matching to our needs. He was also very insightful on the mortgage process.

Kris Crawford

Damon was recommended to me by a good friend who swore by Damon's expert knowledge and integrity. My experience with Damon was incredible. Damon is a very astute real estate agent who truly listens to the needs of his clients to get them exactly what they want. Moreover, Damon was tremendously patient in dealing with all the questions that I had. The two things that I appreciated most were his deep expertise in understanding market value and his guidance in maintaining a rationale approach so that I didn't overspend my budget. He provided well needed sanity checks when offers were being submitted, and the sanity checks were backed up with tangible quantitative analysis of comparable listings. That thorough analysis really helped me understand the true value of the houses I was looking at.

I would strongly recommend Damon to any home buyer looking to find a quality home.

Damon is absolutely first rate.

Sean H and Dave M

We had interviewed 4 other realtors before deciding who to use to sell our home. He was the most knowledgeable and took the time to get to know the neighborhood. His background in appraisal was definitely a plus! We are certain he was able to list our home for the best asking price and sell it in a very short time. It was certainly a pleasure working with Damon. He and his team are the whole package! Thanks to you all!!


Damon Chavez...An expert in all facets of real estate...I highly recommend him.

Damon helped me find exactly what I was looking for in 2009. Damon patiently helped me look at many, many houses that were being dumped when the economy crashed. As you can imagine, some trophy properties were moving quickly as investors were snapping them up. He was flexible enough to meet me before work, during work hours, nights and weekends as we scouted out, ignored or bid on properties. In addition to the small touches like having healthy snacks in the car, he also knows how to pay attention to details that can make or break deals. He was both able to get me out of one deal and keep me in another due to his knowledge of real estate contracts. I have dealt with three other agents and none of them had that level of expertise. It certainly helps that he has started and sold other related businesses including title, appraisal and loan origination. In addition to his support staff that move at your speed not their own, if there isn´t a service he can provide, his Rolodex is at your disposal. He gave me contacts in the legal and redesign areas. I will definitely be using Damon again.

Patrick H

Damon Chavez helped me find my home which I love so very much! He was extremely informative, patient and available when I needed him the most in life. He listened to my wants and needs and found homes that met them. Most of all, he was extremely sympathetic with my pending divorce situation and he handled every step of the process without missing one detail. Damon is an exceptional agent and a genuine person. I would recommend Damon to any of my friends and family!

Thanks Damon.

Julie I

I worked with Damon in purchasing my first home. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. We worked together to find me and my son a home for about 4 months. We looked at many different houses and through the course of that time; he got to know me and my son, and what I was looking for. From the start, I gave him an idea of what I was looking for and most importantly the maximum amount I could afford regardless of the amount I was approved for. He would send me different listings as they came in and NEVER tried to entice me to go for a home that was on the upper end of what I was approved for. As we started looking at houses he became more aware of the type of home and neighborhood I was interested in so as time progressed, there were less listings because he was filtering them for me. When we did look at houses, we looked around and he answered any questions I had. He did not try to "sell" me the house, instead he asked me questions about the house, how I felt about it, and gauged my responses on if he thought the house was a good fit for me or not. I greatly appreciated this because I felt like he was helping me, not trying to sell me quick and move on. My son who is 7 came to all showings and Damon was great and patient with him each time. He always had a prompt response for every question my son and I had. He included my son when looking at the houses and answered his questions too. When we found the final place that I decided to purchase, he was quick to schedule the showing, quick to contact the seller to put in an offer, and stayed in communication throughout the closing process. My payment is exactly where I wanted it to be in reference to the selling price of my home. He will be my real estate agent for as long as he is in business and I'm buying homes. I will highly recommend him to my friends and family as he is the best in the business. Thanks again for making my first home purchase an ideal fit for me and my son!

Antonio Pacheco

Antonio Pacheco

Dear Damon,

I want to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work as a realtor when helping me evaluate my current options with both my primary residence and my rental property. Over the years I have contacted you to help me with the daunting task of gathering information to aid me in making the smartest real estate decisions concerning my situation. I am especially pleased with the professionalism and timeliness that you have provided consistently and want to express my appreciation. Your customer service is outstanding and I eagerly send you referrals whenever I possibly can.

Sincerely- Julie Merrill

Julie M



Damon was the perfect agent for our family. We were looking for some very specific requirements with our house purchase and he made sure he vetted every single house we ultimately went to look at so our time and efforts were never wasted. Since I had two small children at the time, getting out to look at homes was difficult. So he arranged house showings so we could look at several homes in a small amount of time. We looked at well over 45 homes and we never once felt rushed or hurried to make a decision. His observations while looking at homes were priceless, steering us away from homes that would not have been right for our family or in our best interests. The best word I can think of to describe Damon as a real estate is meticulous. Without a doubt, my husband and I would use him again and we recommend him widely to folks in need of an agent.

Dan & Adrienne D

Thank you Damon!

The pleasure of working with Damon Chavez was all mine. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile for you. Damon works hard to find you the best rate and terms that best fits your needs. When my friends and family ask for a referral, Damon is always top of mind. There isn´t anyone I trust more, or want to do business with, then Damon Chavez.

Emily M

Damon Chavez did a fantastic job helping my husband and I find a home and sell my condo. We have very specific needs as we are wheelchair users. That, coupled with a crazy market, made finding the right home VERY difficult. Throughout the entire process, Damon was super patient, and really listened and accommodated all our needs/wants. His experience in real estate, home flipping and appraisals kept us from making bad investments. Instead, we ended up in a great house that we love! Not only did we find the absolute right house, Damon helped me get the best value on my condo. He marketed it so well that I got much more return on investment than I expected. His vast network of contractors also helped me do home modifications at the new house, and repairs in the condo. Throughout the whole process, Damon and his team were awesome! I would absolutely recommend him (and already have) to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!


Damon Chavez is hands down the best real estate agent I have ever encountered! We recently had the need to find a larger house for our growing family. Making the decision to sell our home and buy a new one in a different neighborhood was very difficult for us but Damon made the process extremely painless. Damon listened to everything that was important to us when it came to finding a new home. His extensive knowledge of the industry and his willingness to go above and beyond made it possible for us to get the best possible price for the sale of our previous house. He was so tuned into what we needed in a new home that he set up 9 property viewings in one day and we ended up finding THE ONE! Selling and buying a house can be a very stressful situation. Damon made the process so smooth and easy for us. The consummate professional Damon took care of all the details. There were times when my anxiety over the whole situation got the best of me. Damon never made me feel like he was too busy to “talk me off the ledge” and reassure me that everything was going to be OK. I would recommend Damon Chavez a million times over to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Bridgit Davalt-Highlands Ranch, CO

Andrew and Bridgit D

As new first time home buyers we had no clue where to start. Damon made the process so easy to understand from start to end. He has always provided us with financial guidance and is always available and willing to answer any questions we have. Damon is not just a great agent but an extraordinary person.

Eric and Carmela J

Realtor of the highest level!

I highly recommend Damon Chavez as a Realtor. Damon is a professional that handles all aspects of the buying and selling of the Real Estate process with great expertise. Damon is not only an expert on all the transaction requirements, but also understands home construction extremely well. Damon´s knowledge helped me avoid a few properties that had serious issues and saved me from a lot of grief.

Chris G

The house we wanted had other offers on it and I didn't want to get into a bidding war. I feel that Damon's advice was very good and that is why we ended up with the house we wanted. I had big issues with the mortgage brokers and Damon acted as my advocate throughout the entire process. He stayed ahead of all the necessary dates and made sure that we were prepared for all contingencies. Damon is a caring, compassionate individual and did what he could to make the process as easy as possible.


Another ode to Damon,

I bought my condo last year in November and Damon was an excellent babysitter, tough negotiator and supportive throughout the entire process. I have met too many agents before that only wanted their commission and had their clients do the work for themselves. Damon is not like that. He works hard for his money and always had my best interest at heart, not anybody else´s. I commend him for that and if I ever bought something again, I wouldn´t hesitate to give my business to Damon. Keep up the great work, you know what you are doing and are dedicated to your clients.


Sibylle L

Damon Chavez has been one of (if not the) the best!

To Whom it May Concern,

I would strongly recommend the professional real estate services of Damon Chavez. I worked with Damon for multiple purchases and sales. What impressed me the most is his knowledge of market economics and the ability to sift through the multitude of properties to find the best business opportunities for me. Specifically, we sold a property and did a 1031 exchange and found several new properties. For some real estate professional, this process could be cumbersome and frustrating. For Damon, it was easy and beneficial. He helped my find new properties that were great investments and continued to appreciate. He also gave me a good perspective and talked me out of buying properties that would not have made sense for me.

I worked with several real estate professionals over the years and Damon Chavez has been one of (if not the) the best!

Eddie P

We could not have asked for a better experience in buying our first home. Damon was absolutely wonderful to work with. We never felt rushed or pressured in any way, and he was always available for questions or updates. Damon provided excellent advice and help navigating the home buying process, especially in the somewhat stressful Denver housing market. He truly knows what he is doing and does it well. We would strongly recommend him to any friends, family or other new home buyers going through this process. We love our new home and are so excited to move in, thanks Damon!


Damon was recommended to me by a friend. I was starting all over and looking for home in a new location. I was so pleased with Damon's knowledge of the neighborhood. It helped me quickly become acclimated to the area. Damon also worked tirelessly to help me find the right home. He paid attention to what I wanted in a home and found exactly what I told him. Damon is friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working.


This was our first home purchase and Damon was very helpful guiding us through this new process. He was patient and very informative, given our inexperience. He helped us stay on schedule with our responsibilities with the closing process and was particularly helpful in helping us deal with our lender. He was a valuable advocate when having to wrestle with our lender and offered excellent advice on how to deal with our issues with them. Damon made us feel like his #1 client through the whole process, was very responsive, did many favors for us and made sure we were getting every advantage we could along the way. I would strongly recommend Damon L. Chavez if you are looking for a home.


We purchased a home in another state and had no previous contacts or realtor references. Damon immediately responded to our web inquiry. Without him knowing anything about us, he was willing and helpful to spend time assisting us in our search. The Denver housing market is extremely “hot”, but he never gave the impression that he was too busy or didn’t have time to address our concerns. He has experience as both and appraiser and real estate agent, as well as technical expertise that is essential in today’s real estate market. He not only helped us purchase this home, and sought out a top agent in our market to assist with the sale of our home, and also was helpful in guiding us prior to the listing of our home. Damon is prompt, professional, hardworking and ethical and a genuinely friendly person to know. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate professional representative. We definitely would refer him to family, friends and use his services again in the future. Thank you for a job well-done!


Damon Is a great person and tells you how it is and most important why it is. I have recommended him to my friends and people who ask me for a Realtor. Thanks Damon for all your hard work!!!

Sue Crosby Doyle

Being an out of state owner, I had to rely on the expertise of someone local. I hit the jackpot when I found Damon. His knowledge of the market is incredible. He is very responsive and has given me peace of mind knowing that he has everything under control. His team is extremely thorough as well. I would highly recommend Damon to anyone looking for a realtor to either buy or sell a property.

Kathy Dennis

I have known Damon since 2009. I used his services to purchase a home in 2010. The time and assistance he gave to my wife and I was far beyond what one expects from a real estate professional. We looked at many houses before deciding to buy one in Buffalo Run. Damon helped me get all the info I needed for a VA Loan and assisted in paperwork preparation. Through his efforts Bertha and I were able to purchase a very nice property at a reasonable price.

I cannot not speak highly enough about the people and professional skills Mr. Chavez has. He made both of us feel at ease and his business skills were very evident. I am a CPA who has been in business for 37 years. It gave me great pleasure to refer my clients to Damon as I was very confident that they would receive the same professional service I had received. Several of them have called to thank me for the referral to Mr. Chavez.

In conclusion, the mortgage and real estate industries need many more Damons to ensure each sale in conducted with utmost integrity and ethical conduct. Besides that he is a genuinely nice person

Respectfully yours
Alvin P Lujan, CPA

Alvin P Lujan, CPA

I'm Helena Li. I've listed 4 properties with Damon. He is knowledgeable; he is on top of things and he completes any on-going works in a timely manner; on top of all, he does a good amount of “homework" before he makes any recommendations to me.

So I feel I can rely on him and trust him!

Yours truly,
Helena Li

John J Neswadi